Virtual400(の、Developer Account $17.95 を申し込んでみる。

Unlimited libraries. [1 preconfigured]
2 preconfigured workstation display sessions.
1 additional workstation session (on request).
1 printer session.
3 output queue's.
* OUTQ - for general spooling [Default].
* A remote printer - for printing directly to your PC.
* EMAIL - all spool files will be automatically emailed directly to your Virtual400 POP account.
1 single threaded job queue.
1 root folder on the IFS with unlimited subfolders.
Net.Data access.
FTP to your user lib and IFS directory.
HTTP Server configuration for personal web site hosting at:
Preconfigured access for RPG/Cobol/Java CGI Scripts


昨晩登録フォームより申し込み完了、さてどれくらいの時間でアカウントが使えるようになるのかな?登録確認後に送られた自動返信メールには"Please click on the link below to confirm your email address. Your account will be created within 4 hours."なんてあったのだけど、今の所アカウント登録完了の案内なし。